Tilaisuudet.info site has a large selection of non-liturgical Christian meetings from over 70 churches and from many organizations within Uusimaa province (for example Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa). You can over 300 meetings in Events page every week during spring and fall (little less during summer).



You can limit the number of events shown in Events page by selecting an event category. Unfortunately event categories are only shown in Finnish. For example all English meetings.

You can show 100 next meetings from nearest to most distant (7 km radius) with “Lähellä” field in “Kartta” view by giving an address.



In March 2018 there were c. 127-302 unique visitors every day (973-1375 in week and 4392 in month) in Tilaisuudet.info.



You can buy ad space from Tilaisuudet.info. Tilaisuudet.info’s regular technical expenses are c. 35€ per month. From time to time there’s a need to use services from programmer. At a moment there’s a need for a large update for the site which would cost c. 600€+VAT.

At a moment the site is updated on a voluntary basis. If you are willing to make it possible to change updating of the site in future to paid job please contact: info@tilaisuudet.info